The Rhine-Nahe Wine Hiking Trail

Combine wine and pleasure on a hike – the Rhine-Nahe Wine Hiking Trail, which runs between Kirn and Bingen, offers the ideal backdrop. The beginning or end of the trail is where the Nahe river flows into the Rhine river. In between, the route leads through a landscape of natural contrasts, with high cliffs, forests, meadows and wine villages. The hiking trail leads through the winegrowing region of the Middle and Lower Nahe river. While hiking, you can experience the full diversity of a cultural landscape shaped by viticulture and changing colourfully with the passing of the seasons: lush green in summer and autumn golds and browns as the year progresses.

Along the Rhine-Nahe Wine Hiking Trail, winegrowers and caterers offer regional dishes, e.g. In Straußwirtschaften - seasonal wine taverns. The traditional Spießbraten - spit roast - is a must, accompanied by the right wine and perhaps a chat with the winemaker about his craft. The wine hiking trail runs for the most part along gravelled and asphalted wine-growing agricultural roads. It is therefore easy to walk in almost any weather. If you want to delve even deeper into the subject of wine in the Nahe region, take a detour to one of the numerous complimentary loop trails along the Rhine-Nahe Hiking Trail.