Discover the cultural diversity

Hildegard von Bingen, the legendary head of thieves Schinderhannes, Karl Marx – these are just three historical personalities who have a special bond with the Nahe region. At many places, festivals and concerts, the cultural life recall the region’s history and personalities. Museums, historical markets, cultural festivals and theatre productions awaken memories of times gone by and create a link to the present.

Culture in the Nahe region has many facets that are worth discovering. A wine tour or a cycling trip can be wonderfully combined with the cultural highlights of this nature-blessed region in Germany.

Places of Interest

Unparalleled buildings, historic sites and spectacular landscapes: There are many places of interest on the Nahe.  


Earth history at your fingertips, Celtic relics, Roman tombs and mosaics, medieval castles, world-famous museums - all this and much more - can only be found here.


Paintings, sculptures, nature: There are many different exhibitions in the Nahe region featuring all kinds of art.

Castles and Palaces

Many castles and palaces from the Middle Ages still exist today, either in their entirety or as ruins. They all tell exciting stories about the lives of our ancestors.

Guided Tours

Walk with the night watchman through the dark alleys of Meisenheim or a guided tour of the Disibodenberg? It’s your choice!