Regional specialities

Wine from the winegrower, beer from the brewery, pilgrim snacks and wild game specialities - the Nahe's cuisine is influenced by the Palatinate and Hunsrück.

The region's top chefs combine select regional ingredients with creativity and care to create unique culinary delights. By the way, local produce in the Nahe region has a brand name:

The SOONAHE labels identify products made by regional producers. SOONAHE products can, of course, also be found in the Seasonal wine taverns (Straußwirtschaften) along the Nahe river. Winegrowers offer seasonal and regional specialities that pair exceptionally well with the wine. This is something our “genuine types” really know best. 

Traditional cuisine: Spießbraten from Idar-Oberstein

Traditional cuisine: Stuffed Dumplings

Traditional cuisine: Latwersch (Plum purée)

Fire and pan - the wildest kitchen in the Southwest