Wineries in the Nahe region

A trip to the Nahe region naturally always includes a wine tasting .

Our winegrowers are more than happy to let you have a look at their wine cellars and the art of creating unique wines. It is exciting to see how the winegrowers of the region combine tradition with contemporary.

Some long-established estates are venturing into entirely new territory. This is also reflected in the architecture, where the romanticism of a winery is combined with a modern, contemporary vinothek to reinterpret the winery’s long history. 

Without people, there is no wine. Our winegrowers are colourful and varied like the soils in the Nahe wine region. Creative traditionalists and modern out-of-the-box thinkers work with various approaches and total commitment towards a single goal: to produce excellent wines. Only "genuine types" make authentic wine.

Meet the NaheWineMakers!