Wine holidays

On a discovery tour through a special winegrowing region.

The Nahe region is the perfect place for a wine holiday. Half-timbered wine villages with winding lanes, vines on house facades and enchanting courtyards, idyllic vineyards and quaint Straußwirtschaften (seasonal wine taverns) sparkle with hospitality. Joie de vivre and friendliness are what the winegrowers and hosts in the region live for and are always happy to share with their guests.

On a day trip or a wine holiday lasting several days, the idyllic landscape, wine experience, and hospitality can all be perfectly combined. The wineries and hosts in the Nahe region pamper their guests with loving care and special packages. A wine holiday in the Nahe region is both a wine and nature experience. Whether at a traditional winery, in a guesthouse or in a wine sleeper car, the region has many surprises in store and ensures relaxation and adventure alike.

A wine holiday naturally always includes a wine tasting. Our winegrowers are more than happy to let you have a look at their wine cellars and the art of creating unique wines. It is exciting to see how the winegrowers of the region combine the traditional with the contemporary. Some long-established estates are venturing into entirely new territory. This is also reflected in the architecture, where the romanticism of a winery is combined with a modern, contemporary vinothek to reinterpret the winery’s long history.

But wine and winegrowing can also be an exciting adventure in the Nahe region: On a guided wine hike, a vintage tractor tour or at the vine wood bonfire, you will find wine enjoyment, wine experience and wine bliss. There is also plenty of culture: wine holidays can be wonderfully combined with cultural highlights, readings at the winery or concerts and festivities in the vineyard.