"The most beautiful memories are always those experiences for which one has taken the time".

(Charles Kurault) 

A holiday in Germany in the Nahe region is a real experience: Here you can cycle on rails and stomp barefoot through clay. The first barefoot path in Germany is a longstanding favourite. It has been attracting guests to Bad Sobernheim on the Nahe for more than 30 years and is a popular destination. And rightly so, because anyone who has covered the three-and-a-half-kilometre route barefoot, balancing, walking and wading, touching the stones on the bottom of the Nahe river with bare feet, is bursting with euphoria and relaxed to the very tips of their hair afterwards.

Cycling on rails – you can do that in the Nahe region, too. Between Staudernheim and Lauterrecken on a disused railway line you can enjoy pure family fun: A draisine ride is a great way to pedal together and enjoy nature along the Glan river. 

But there is so much more to experience: See for yourself!


Welcome to the holiday region Nahe. Well, there is a lot to be said, but as you know: A picture says more than a thousand words! So let’s go – [...] 

Top adventures

Action, culture, nature: Check out our Top Highlights from each category on our interactive map. Zoom in and take your pick!


Whether on the water, with animals, on rails, in the clay pool or on the steep face: The Nahe region has a lot to offer for active holidaymakers and families.


Two Nature Parks, one National Park, viewpoints or trekking sites surrounded by forest: here you can experience Mother Nature at her best!


Many different museums, fascinating tours of cities and towns, places of interest and more: Culture in the Nahe region is so multifaceted.

Gemstones & Geology

Diamonds are a girls best friend! But the gemstone region on the Nahe is everyone's friend, because there is more than just sparkling stones here.