Barefoot Path Bad Sobernheim

Enjoy a foot reflex zone massage on the go, so to say. In close touch with nature, over grass, sand, gravel and shredded bark, through loam and water.

Draisine tour through the Glantal valley

Over a distance of 40 kilometres, in the middle of the Nahe region, you can explore the Glantal on a draisine. 

Climbing in the Nahe region

Whether on the steep face of the Oberhauser Rocks, the Rotenfels, in the High Ropes Course or in the Climbing Forest - the sky is the limit!

Adventures with animals

Plenty of fun and adventure awaits you in the Nahe region with its many animals: reindeer, alpacas, llamas, goats, donkeys and more!

Water Fun

Canoe, Stand Up Paddling, packrafting, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, and so much more. Water sports enthusiasts will find everything they could possibly desire!

Segway Tours

Glide through the beautiful landscape in an environmentally friendly and relaxed way on segways.

Vespa Tours

Enjoy a unique day trip, rent a Vespa. Route recommendations through the Nahe region are included!