Gemstones & Geology

Feel the gemstones

As though the light was captured in the stone, sparkling and colourful, creating fascinating formations – these are the gemstones that made the Nahe region the hub of gemstone and jewellery designers for a long time.
From the Nahe region to the world’s metropolises – the Idar-Oberstein region is renowned as the Gemstone region "EdelSteinLand".
Here the ateliers are happy to open their doors and provide insight into the history of the region.

The EdelSteinLand (Gemstone region)

Not only gemstones characterise this region on the Nahe, but also mountainous terrain, hiking and cycling trails, recreational fun and geology!


An unforgettable adventure underground: In the mines in the Nahe region you can find dazzling gemstones, slate and more.

Treasure hunting in the EdelSteinLand (Gemstone region)

Try your luck and dig for gemstones. There are several locations in the EdelSteinLand (Gemstone region) where you can do this.