The castles and palaces on the Nahe

The Nahe region has a fascinating history! Many castles and palaces from the Middle Ages still exist today, either in their entirety or as ruins. They all have interesting stories to tell about the lives of our ancestors. And many of them are directly adjacent to hiking trails! So, let's go - pack your backpack and let's explore history!

Bosselstein Castle & Oberstein Castle

Located directly above the Felsenkirche (Church in the Rock) in Idar-Oberstein are Oberstein Castle and the ruins of Bosselstein Castle. The Bosselstein Castle ruin can be climbed by hikers, and the castle can also be visited. 

Klopp Castle

Klopp Castle in Bingen on the Rhine is situated on a hill high above the town. It is still in excellent condition, as the old walls were completely renovated in the 19th century.

Montfort Castle

Montfort Castle is the ruin of a spur castle between Hallgarten and Duchroth in the municipality of Rüdesheim. The old walls surrounded by forest give an idea of how large the castle must once have been.

Sponheim Castle

The village in which the Sponheim Castle ruin is located takes its name from the castle itself: Burgsponheim. It is actually a square, high masonry building from which you can enjoy a stunning view of the countryside.

Dalberg Castle Ruin

The Dalberg Castle ruin, also known as Dalburg Castle, is the ruin of a castle on a hilltop in the Gräfenbach valley. The Gräfenbach flows into the Nahe river via the Ellerbach near Bad Kreuznach. It rises above the town of Dalberg in the municipality of Rüdesheim. The castle is currently undergoing extensive renovation. 

Rheingrafenstein Castle Ruin

At the top of the Rheingrafenstein in Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, you can see the remains of Rheingrafenstein Castle. These old walls offer a phenomenal view of the Nahe valley from the viewing platform.

Ebernburg Castle

The Ebernburg Castle gives its name to the Bad Kreuznach district of Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg. It is situated high up on a hill above the Nahe river and can be seen from many hiking trails. The castle can also be visited.

Frauenburg Castle

The Frauenburg Castle is located in the municipality of Baumholder near Frauenberg. The castle rests on a narrow mountain spur not far from the Nahe river. The Dream Loop Gräfin Loretta, named after the castle's former inhabitant, passes by there.


The walls of the Kyrburg Castle, with its restaurant, outdoor terrace and whiskey museum in the vaulted cellar, tower high up above the city of Kirn. Several hiking trails such as the trails through the Trübenbachtal valley or the Vitality Tour 3-Burgen-Weg (3-Castle-Trail) lead past the Kyrburg Castle.

Dhaun Castle

Dhaun Castle is located in the district of Dhaun in the town Hochstetten-Dhaun in the municipality Kirner-Land. The Vitality Tours Wildgrafenweg (Wild Count's Trail) and Felsengarten (Rock Garden) lead past the castle. Apart from old castle walls, there are also dungeons and a knights' hall. 

Wartenstein Castle

Wartenstein Castle is located between Oberhausen near Kirn and Hahnenbach in the middle of the forest and offers a magnificent view of the valley. The castle is still well preserved and serves the Soonwald Foundation as accommodation for families. 

Schmidtburg Castle

The Schmidtburg Castle is a very large ruin between the towns Schneppenbach and Bundenbach. It is located directly on the trails Dream Loop Hahnenbachtal and the Soonwaldsteig. You can also spend the night there at the campsite

Stromburg Castle

Stromburg Castle in Stromberg is located at the centre of the town. It became famous mainly through star chef Johann Lafer, who ran his restaurant here for many years. Today, other restaurateurs are operating a new restaurant in the old castle.