Nahe Culture and Wine Ambassadors

Wine hiking with all your senses - The Culture and Wine Ambassadors will guide you!

Have you ever heard of Culture and Wine Ambassadors ? The  Culture and Wine Ambassadors are persons who, as qualified guides, are busy all year round showing visitors the Nahe region at its best. And they have sooo much to tell. 

More than 120 Nahe enthusiasts and Nahe region experts have been trained as Nahe culture and wine ambassadors during a 12-month training and certification process at the Dienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum (DLR) in Bad Kreuznach.

The Culture and Wine Ambassadors are always up-to-date on current topics in the region and discover new things about the culture and the world of wine every day. So that you will always want to discover the treasures of the Nahe region with the ambassadors.

For further information, tours, offers and events of the Culture and Wine Ambassadors.