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Felkelehm Bad Sobernheim, Bollant's im Park

The "Felke Kur" - unique in Germany 

Hands full of healing clay - massage you gently, a wave of warmth spreads over your body - an unforgettable experience. You can actually feel the invigorating power of nature and gain new energy. This is the famous and utterly unique "Felke Kur"...

Cool, freshly dug clay, 350 million years old, rich in silica and precious minerals - mixed with natural fresh water into a pure mineral mud, this is the starting point for a healing clay bath by Pastor Emanuel Felke. At the end of the 19th century as the "Clay pastor", he developed the Felke Kur, which is named after him. The pastor was convinced that light, air, healing clay, water, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise in fresh air and the interplay between being active and relaxing had a strong positive influence on performance, health and vitality. His findings are now more significant than ever and strongly influence medical-wellness offers, especially in Bad Sobernheim where Felke worked and lived.

Various applications that are part of the Felke Kur are:

The clay bath, which is the main application of the Felke Kur and is performed outdoors or in ground heated halls.

Clay packs are local applications of cold or warm clay, targeted directly at specific symptoms.

The clay-treading bath is performed in pits. The legs are plunged into soft clay, up to below the knee, and then you "tread" through the clay - similar to the Kneipp therapy.

For clay hand baths, you simply immerse your hands into a bowl of soft clay and knead the clay through. This strengthens the hand muscles.

A cold sitting rub bath achieves a very special activating and healing effect. At first it sounds a bit daunting, but those who have tried it really appreciate the beneficial effects.

Rasul or Serail bath: This healing clay full body application in a steam room is an alternative to the clay bath for those who prefer warmth for their treatment. In a bathing room heating elements create a uniform, comfortable base temperature of 37° Celsius. At the same time, in about one metre height, steam is released creating a comfortable temperature in the room. 

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