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Spas and health resorts - the Naheland region is soooo healthy 

Bad Kreuzhach, Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg and Bad Sobernheim

Closeness to nature and urban charm is what makes Bad Kreuznach one of the best most vivacious spa towns in Germany. Wellness, health and spa are top ranking at the mineral health spa. Celts and Romans were already well aware of the virtues of the salt springs and in 1817, the physician Johann Prieger began using them for medical bath therapies. In 1904, the pharmacist Karl Aschoff discovered radon therapy - at first with brine - then as an inhalation therapy in the tunnel. Still today, the radon tunnel is internationally recognized. Located here is also the Rhineland Palatinate Rheumatology Centre for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. 

Impressive and at the same time soothing to the respiratory tract, bronchi and skin is a walk through the idyllic Saline Valley which runs along the Nahe River. With its imposing graduation towers - blackthorn structures where salt water trickles down - the Saline Valley is Europe's largest open-air inhalatorium. The special flair of the city is particularly noticeable in the fashionable spa district. The thermal bath "crucenia thermen", the modern Crucenia Health Centre and the magnificent sauna and spa "Bäderhaus" offer a spa or wellness holiday without a lot of running around.

Enticing parks and gardens, activities, interesting museums, a wide range of cultural and gastronomic attractions provide a feeling of overall well-being for guests in Bad Kreuznach.

The Saline Valley connects Bad Kreuznach with the second major mineral health spa on the Nahe River, Bad Münster am Stein - Ebernburg, since 2014 a district of Bad Kreuznach. Embedded in a fascinating rock landscape this romantic health resort offers not only a number of cultural events and cosy places to grab something to eat or drink it also provides a wide range of opportunities to get healthy and stay healthy. Here too people trust in the healing power of brine, the therapeutic gas radon dissolved in brine and the special climate. The therapeutic effects of the gentle climate in summer and the low irritant bioclimate in winter have been scientifically proven. The "open-air air conditioning" of the graduation works in the romantic spa park with the historic spa house and nearby Saline Valley enhances this healing experience.

Young, in terms of being a spa, is the pleasant little town of Bad Sobernheim. As the only Felke Spa in Germany though, it has historically grown. Located on the southwestern border of the Natural Park Soonwald-Nahe, surrounded by woods, meadows and vineyards Bad Sobernheim offers a great variety of leisure activities, including the Barefoot Path, the outdoor adventure pool, the historic old town centre and the Rhineland Palatinate Open-Air Museum. You will also always come across the name of the famous naturopath Pastor Emanuel Felke (1856 to 1926). He worked and lived here making light, air, water and clay combined with a vegetarian diet rich in vital substances and lots of exercise a successful method of healing. Still today beautiful hotels and resorts pay great respect to Pastor Felke by integrating his healing and soothing "inventions" in their wellness arrangements.

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