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Directions to the Naheland region

By car:

From the north and south via the A 61 motorway to the exits Stromberg, Waldlaubersheim, Dorsheim, Bingen or Bad Kreuznach.
From the west, from France or the Benelux countries, via the A 1 and the A 62 motorways to the exits Birkenfeld and Idar-Oberstein.

By train

From Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern, Worms, Mainz and Koblenz it is very easy to get to the Naheland region by train. The RegionalExpress, circulating hourly every day of the week between Saarbrücken and Mainz/Frankfurt am Main, stops in the Naheland region in Bingen, Bad Kreuznach, Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, Bad Sobernheim, Kirn, Idar-Oberstein and Neubrücke. The RegionalBahn, also circulating hourly, stops between Bad Kreuznach and Neubrücke at all intermediate stations (between Kirn and Neubrücke at the weekend every two hours). Almost all attractions and holiday locations can be reached with public transportation. Timetables and fare information for the Rhein-Nahe transportation network (RNN) is available at: Tel.: +49 (0)1801 766766 or on the Internet: TIP: RNN-day ticket - for families and small groups. 

By plane:

With the airports Frankfurt-Hahn in the Hunsrück and the Rhein-Main-Airport by Frankfurt/Main there are two international airports in close vicinity.
From the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport  you can easily reach Idar-Oberstein via the B 327 and the B 422, Bad Sobernheim via the B 50, B 421 and the L 162 as well as Bad Kreuznach via the B 50 and the A 61 motorway. There are also regular bus services from the airport to larger cities in the vicinity.
From the Rhein-Main-Airport you can reach the Naheland region by way of the A 60 via the A 61 motorways to the B 41. You can also take the train from the Frankfurt airport via Mainz to the Naheland region.

City Map of Kirn 

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