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The Naheland region is located in the southwest of Germany. In the north it is framed by the Hunsrück and in the south by the North Palatine Uplands. The Nahe River has its source in the west, near the Bostalsee (lake), and from there it flows along 120 kilometres to join the Rhine River by Bingen.

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Holiday region Rhein-Nahe

The holiday region Rhine-Nahe extends along the lower course of the Nahe to the UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley". At the Nahe mouth lies the wine village Münster-Sarmsheim and in close proximity the towns Weiler near Bingen and Waldalgesheim. The history of these two towns is closely linked to manganese ore mining. A good network of walking and cycling routes make you want to go on an adventure tour.

Holiday region Bingen am Rhein

The city of Bingen is the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" at the confluence of the Rhine and Nahe - known as a wine town, nestled in the four wine regions Rheinhessen, Nahe, Middle Rhine and Rheingau and as the city of Saint Hildegard of Bingen, the great scholar of the Middle Ages. Bingen is connected to the Rhine cycle route and Nahe cycle route. Premium hiking trails like the Soonwaldsteig or Rhine Castle Trail and the Nordic walking park complete the recreation offer.

Holiday region Stromberg

Located between the Rhine and Nahe region the holiday region Stromberg offers not only forests and wine. Known as the city of the "German Michel" a proper medieval spectacle is celebrated here. Wine grows in smart wine villages on the southern slopes of the Hunsrück. Stromberg stands for outdoor activities: golf, ballooning, jogging and Nordic walking trails, horseback riding, cycling, hiking on the "Michels Vitaltour" trail and mountain biking on the new Flowtrail.

Holiday region Langenlonsheim

The holiday region Langenlonsheim is located in direct vicinity of the Middle Rhine Valley and the spa town Bad Kreuznach. Enjoy the wine village typical cosiness in quiet, peaceful locations that have not lost any of their original charm. The Organ ART Museum in Windesheim, the Felseneremitage - hermitage in Bretzenheim or the Feldbahnmuseum - a light railway museum in Guldental await your visit. Whether hiking, cycling, culture or wine, be inspired by the diversity of the region.

Holiday region Bad Kreuznach

The health and spa town of Bad Kreuznach has preserved its historic charm. The remains from the Roman period, an old town that boasts 800 years of history, picturesque Little Venice on the Ellerbach and the health resort, developed in the 19th century, with its spacious parks and prestigious villas. Today modern spa and health facilities such as the Crucenia Therme or the bathhouse offer best recreational and leisure facilities. In the Salinen valley, Europe's largest open-air saline, graduation works with a total length of over 1 km produce a fresh ocean breeze and provide fresh salty air in the environment.

Holiday region Rüdesheim/Nahe

The holiday region Rudesheim extends from the Nahe to the Soonwald and is located in the middle of the Nature Park Soonwald-Nahe. It is well-known for its delicious Nahe wines. Those seeking to be active outdoors will find more than 270 km of newly marked hiking trails and several marked village circular routes to explore the region. Highlights include the Vitality tours "Stein, Wein & Farbe" in Wallhausen and the "Kuckucksweg" in Hergenfeld. The local railway cycle path Gräfenbach-Ellerbachtal is a particularly scenic cycle path.

Holiday region Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg

Located in probably the most charming landscape of the Nahe region is the so-called 'region of well-being', Rheingrafenstein. The touristic centre is the climatic health resort and the recognised brine-radon-healing spa Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg. Colourful forests, vineyards and huge sun blessed rock formations such as the Rotenfels, the highest rock wall north of the Alps, dominate the landscape and are an invitation for relaxation or recreational activities outdoors.

Holiday region Bad Sobernheim

Centrally located in the middle part of the Nahe region lies the holiday region Bad Sobernheim. The idyllic Nahe valley, the vast forests and vineyards are a perfect setting for active vacationers, in particular on the barefoot path. In Bad Sobernheim, the only Felke healing spa in Germany, three wellness hotels offer to the classic Felke therapy, medical wellness and modern wellness treatments. Culture buffs should not miss a visit to the Rhineland-Palatinate open-air museum and the monastery ruins Disibodenberg, where St. Hildegard of Bingen lived and worked.

Holiday region all around Rhaunen

Long ago Celts and Romans settled in this beautiful nature area with its picturesque forest and meadow valleys, bizarre rocks and fossil-rich shale. Noblemen and counts from the Rhine region and the robber Schinderhannes all had their hideouts here. Outstanding attractions include the Celtic settlement Altburg, the ruins of the Schmidt Castle and the visitor's mine Herrenberg with its fossil museum and therapy mine in Bundenbach. The STUMM organs in Sulzbach and Rhaunen are culturally and historically interesting for tourists. Challenging hikes are possible on the Dream Loops "Hahnenbachtal" and "STUMM-Orgel-Weg" and the Soowaldsteig and the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig.

Holiday region Kirn

Kirn is located at the centre of the Hunsrück Slate and Castle Route, which begins in the Nahe Valley. It is known as a 'Leather City' and for its brewery. The markets in Kirn have a many centuries old tradition. The 'Krammarkt' (general goods market) on the first Monday of the month is one of the largest in the Rhineland-Palatinate. Especially appealing to nature lovers is the Trübenbach Valley below the Kyrburg castle and the urban nature recreation area, the 'Schülerkiesel', located at the mouth of the Hahnenbach stream.

Holiday region Hunsrück Slate and Castle Route, Kirner-Land

Along the Hunsrück Slate and Castle Route there are a great number of castles and fortresses all concentrated in a small area. Celts, Romans and later counts and princes of the Middle Ages strongly influenced the region. Sites of natural beauty such as the Oberhausen rock formation, the Devil's Rock, the Hahnenbach and Kellenbach valleys, numerous nature trails to different highlight areas as well as Vitality tours and the famous Soonwaldsteig make the Kirn region a true hiking paradise.

Holiday region German Gemstone Route, Herrstein

By two circular routes, the German Gemstone Route connects all sites in the Hunsrück/Nahe region characterized by working with gemstones. In grinding shops and workshops, guests can look over the shoulders of craftsmen and watch them work. Today's mineral deposits are a great pleasure for passionate collectors and amateur geologists. With the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig and the new Dream Loops Saar-Hunsrück the gemstone region offers its guests a top-class hiking experience.

Holiday region Idar-Oberstein

The multi-faceted city with heart is the centre of the German Gemstone Route. The city is influenced by gemstone manufacturing. This is where open-mindedness and a tremendous wealth of ideas come together with traditional values. Various festivities are just as much a part of the city as the gems are. "Idar-Oberstein leuchtet" (Idar-Oberstein Shines) offers cultural diversity.

Holiday region Meisenheim am Glan

Meisenheim, a true gem in the heart of Rhineland-Palatinate, is no longer a secret tip. Experience the charm and flair of the ensemble of listed historical buildings in the Old Town. In Meisenheim vistirs find generous dining options and excellent hotels. Active vacationers will also get their money's worth: the Glan-Blies cycle path, the railcar route and the Palatine Crest Trail lead right by Meisenheim.

Holiday region Baumholder

Baumholder - different than you think! Located at the heart of this small Westrich city (Westrich is a geographic region in southwest Germany) is a pond, serving as a natural swimming pond in summer with abundant attractions. The Castle cycle route connects the holiday region Baumholder to the Nahe cycle route, the Glan-Blies cycle route and the Rhineland-Palatinate cycle routes. With the Dream Loops 'Gräfin Loretta' and 'Bärenbachpfad', the municipality of Baumholder also offers very special hiking experiences.

Holiday region Nohfelden/Bostalsee

In the heart of Nohfelden and bedded in a beautiful landscape lies the Bostalsee, with 120 hectare expanse of water it is the largest recreational lake in southwest Germany. Activities range from swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing, diving, boating and sun bathing.

The Nohfelden castle is another attraction offering numerous events. Among the main attractions are the biker and triker meeting, the cycle adventure day, the medieval market, the wine festival and a flea market. Another highlight for active leisure time is the premium hiking trail "Der Bärenpfad".


Please move your mouse over the 'Hotspots' on the map for more information on various holiday regions.

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