Traditional cuisine: Stuffed Dumplings

They originate from Saarland and Hunsrück, but stuffed dumplings are also an absolutely typical dish in the Nahe region! It is impossible to imagine this delicious dish not being on the menus of restaurants in the Nahe region - naturally with a hearty bacon sauce. 

Stuffed dumplings - are stuffed potato dumplings made from raw and cooked potatoes. The filling often consists of minced pork or beef, or liverwurst. In the Nahe region, this dish is traditionally served with a delicious bacon and cream sauce and often also with sauerkraut. 


But it need not always be the traditional version: In 2017, the regional brands SooNahe and Naheland-Touristik challenged seven top regional chefs to create their own recipe for stuffed dumplings - or as they also say here, "Gefillde Klees".The result was seven unique recipes that were presented over seven days. There is a stuffed dumpling for every taste, whether dumplings filled with trout from Hotel-Restaurant Forellenhof or poultry dumplings with mushrooms from Weinhaus Hehner-Kiltz!

For the seven recipes for stuffed dumplings from seven chefs from the region, click here.