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Nahe bei Enzweiler

Experience geology:

Geologic treasures - mines and educational trails bring them to life 

Several mines attract both adults and young visitors into a fascinating underground world. For example the Besucherbergwerk Schiefergrube Herrenberg, a slate quarry open to visitors with a neighbouring fossil museum depicting the history of mining and 400 million year old rocks with a great abundance of fossils, well illustrated and documented.

The medieval adventure mine Besucherbergwerk Schmittenstollen is the only mercury mine in Western Europe that has been extended for visitors.

Guided tours through the historic copper mine - Historischen Kupferbergwerk Fischbach/Nahe bring the history of copper mining to life.

Experience an exciting encounter with precious stones in the gemstone mine - Edelsteinmine Steinkaulenberg, the only gemstone mine in Europe that is open for visitors.

Want to find out more about the production of salt in saltworks, then visit the Bad Kreuznach Saline Valley (Salinental) with its impressive graduation works, one of which can be accessed by visitors. Today the Saline Valley is Europe's largest open-air inhalation facility.

Geological nature trails provide a wonderful opportunity for young and old alike to learn about stones, rocks and one million years of geological history. With a wide variety of typical rocks and depictions of how they were used the geological nature trail, Geologische Lehrpfad Hochstetten-Dhaun, illustrates individual periods of geological history in this region. The Geologische Lehrpfad Gemünden, another geological nature trail, also highlights geological history. Rock groupings line a four-kilometre path, each with a plate explaining name, origin, formation, specificity and age of the rocks. Living geological history can also be experienced along the one kilometre Geopark Krahloch with 14 explanatory stations. 

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