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The special interaction of hardness, purity, carat and the expert skill of the processing specialist - from grinder to gemstone setter to jewellery designer - is what makes a gemstone precious. Many fantastic pieces of jewellery in shop windows throughout the capitals of the world are adorned by gemstones shaped and designed right here in the Naheland region.

The most important city for the gemstone and jewellery industry in our region is Idar-Oberstein.

The Gemstone Exchange, grinding works, a research institute, a technical school for jewellery and gemstones and one of the most important trade fairs worldwide the INTERGEM, verify this claim. From B as in Bulgari to T as in Tiffany's - the big players in the industry buy some of their gems here.

Immerse yourself in this sparkling world, trace the route of the gems - from finding to processing, maybe even up to becoming your new piece of jewellery. You can even transform your own ideas right here. Several grinding works and precious gem designers are looking forward to your visit and actually enjoy having someone look over their shoulder. For a choice of companies where you can watch the work being done click here.

Another attraction we would like to recommend is the German Gemstone Museum and the German Museum of Minerals both featuring guided tours in various languages.

More sparkling experiences and picturesque little towns such as Herrstein, with its historic town centre, await visitors along the 48-kilometre German Gem Road or explore the beauty of our region travelling the Hunsrück Slate and Castle Road. Seven adventure tours impressively convey the diversity of geology, nature, history, art and traditional craft. Hikers can best discover the varied landscape by foot on one of the premium hiking trails, the dream loops and vital tours.

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