Road cycling between Hunsrück and Nahe

With their hilly terrain, varied landscapes and quiet roads and asphalt cycle paths, the Hunsrück and Nahe regions offer the best conditions for road cyclists. 

You can embark on the multi-day tour “Rendezvous with Hunsrück and Nahe“, which covers 305 km and 3500 height metres through the whole bike region.

Things get more sporty on the “Erbeskopf Climb“ loop tour, which tests your stamina over 125 km and 1700 height metres and rewards you with the magnificent view from the Erbeskopf.

On the trail of Edgar Reitz's film trilogy, the “Tour de Heimat“covers 90 km and 1500 height metres through the Soonwald and the primary film location Gehlweiler.

Between Kirn and Meisenheim, the “Brewery Tour“ tempts you along on 63 km and 300 height metres with three hearty refreshment stops.

The two-day tour “On narrow tyres over the Naheweinstraße“, is aimed at connoisseurs and leads through the wine region on just under 100 km and 800 height metres.