Underground adventure

Many thousands of metres of underground tunnels are largely accessible to visitors in the Nahe region. In the Herrenberg Visitor Mine, you can marvel at the fossil-rich Bundenbach slate. Mining in the Nahe valley goes far back in history. Agate mining was first documented in Idar-Oberstein in 1375. Here you can visit the gemstone mines in the Steinkaulenberg, the only mines in Europe that are open to visitors.

Cinnabar mining in today's  Schmittenstollen Visitor Mine  on the Lemberg near Niederhausen, goes back 500 years. Copper ore mining in the Historic Copper Mine in Fischbach is already documented in the profit-sharing deed between the Counts of Sponheim and the Wildgraves and Rhinegraves (Counts) of Kyrburg Castle from 1473 onwards. 

Copper Mine Fischbach

Gemstone Mines Steinkaulenberg

Herrenberg Visitor Mine

Schmittenstollen Niederhausen