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Steinskulpturenmuseum Fondation Kubach-Wilmsen

Seeing and understanding art and history 

Children, adults, persons interested in history, geology enthusiasts, and friends of design and the art of painting - can all find entertainment and information in the towns and cities along the Nahe River. There are also Technical Museums such as the industrial monument Jakob Bengel in Idar-Oberstein , where you can go on an exciting journey through time in the manufacturing of jewellery goods and chains. There are Thematic Museums, dedicated to special themes in the region, for example the Roman's Hall in Bad Kreuznach with its historic floor mosaics from the 3rd century, the Organ-Art-Museum in Windesheim  or the Historic Gem Cutter's Shop in Idar-Oberstein. The Museum of Puppet Culture (PuK) in Bad Kreuznach is both theatre and puppet workshop offering great fun for young and old alike. 

Our history museums display the lifestyle, art and religion of the people in the region. For example the Rhineland-Palatinate Open-Air Museum in Bad Sobernheim, the  Celtic Settlement Altburg in Bundenbach or the Museum of Local History Herrstein.

Overview and links to historical museums and art museums

Geology museums also reflect the culture and history of the Naheland region: the German Gemstone Museum and the German Museum of Minerals in Idar-Oberstein display objects with strong symbolic power for the character of the region: magnificent gemstones, diamonds and minerals. The Museum of Natural History in Simmertal deals with the history of the earth, rocks and stones and has an archaeological collection. The Fossil Museum Bundenbach illustrates historic slate mining.

Overview and links to the museums

Contemporary art and alternating exhibits also have their place in the Naheland region: the Painter-Zang-House in Birkenfeld, the Art Room in Bad Kreuznach, the Artist's Train Station in Ebernburg, the Stone Sculpture Museum in Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg or the gallery in the City Hall in Kirn just to name a few of the places attracting people liking the fine arts.
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